About Cyto.AI

Computer scientists and biologists from four institutes (ETH Zurich, Biological Research Centre Szeged, FIMM Helsinki and Broad Institute) are coming together April 18 - 24 in Zurich to hack the next generation cell classifier for the biological community.
Beautiful, easy-to-use, open-source and with deep learning support!

What are we developing?

Open source and community-driven

In this hackathon, we are designing the future of Advanced Cell Classifier and CellProfiler Analyst. Our goal is to build easy-to-use machine learning tools for the biological community. Build on tensorflow.js and react, we are aiming to design a fast and beautiful web-based classifier. Your data never leaves the browser. Please join the discussion in our forum and stay tuned for more updates!

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R40, Sorell Hotel Rütli, Zähringerstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland
With enough time to see the old city, mountains and relax at the Limmat.


Cyto Classifier UI

Develop an interactive and beautiful user interface
Technology used: React, D3js

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Browser-based Machine Learning

Build fast and easy-to-use machine learning for science
Technology used: tensorflow.js

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